ANTSAND Masterclass is designed to help you have a fundamental understanding of how the digital world works.

Journey through different aspects of how your website works and how to boost it's performance in this self-guided version of ANTSAND Masterclass. You'll find every chapter full of great activities to keep you entertained and test your learning.

What is ANTSAND Masterclass?

ANTSAND Masterclass is designed to help business owners, understand the mechanics of how your website works. It's a series of training modules teaching you what is going on under the hood. An idea that arose from a desire to help business owners understand concepts deeply, become more technically savy and make better decisions as a whole.

This growing, understanding from 1st principles approach, is focused on entrepreuners, business owners or for anyone seeking answers to questions about the internet, how the network works and how understanding these principles will help you make better business decisions.